So what about a WIKI then? I think there is potential here too...what ideas are out there?

  • Explore an existing piece of writing as a text, sentence or word level activity in Literacy. Edit it and then republish.
  • Use it as a place to create shared writing throughout a week of work. Comment and revise it as the work continues. This process could be shared between 2 classes or even schools. Link it back to the blog to ensure that it is seen.
  • Sharing intial thoughts and what children already understand about a topic. A simple concept map in the form of a list. "What do we all know about Ancient Greece?" with the children working simultaneously in a suite.
  • Literacy - Biographical writing - "Let's write a biography together" post a photograph and some starter information and invite children to research and add to the biography.
  • Local history study - linked with some internet based research - produce an information wiki about your local history.
  • What about a class building a town - they describe all its features, build characters etc then create stories from this?
  • Looking at the example of Wikipedia, it needs to be a more substantial and permanent piece of work than a blog. So I would suggest that wikis are suitable for children to collaborate on producing their own revision notes or their cumulative knowledge on a classroom topic. For example, studying the Romans, they could start with an introduction putting them into historical perspective, add a piece about dress, their military exploits, food, type of government and bio pics of some emperors. The wiki could develop over time, perhaps a term or the length of a project. A wiki is to a blog as a novel is to a short story.
  • Wikis are also great for teachers to use as a kind of online Scheme of Work. Not only can they access resources but give feedback on them to such as the community wiki
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